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Working across boundaries+++ Finding our riches+++ No division between those in the light and those standing listening+++

Grant Partners-2020_2021-p1




Lakewood Community Fund Grantee Partners



Lakewood Finance Committee  $2500
SEED for South Ben Park $2500
Trinity Towers Residents $2500
South River Gardens Community Association $2500
Oakshire Village $2500



Doing Good Among People $2500
South Atlanta Civic League $2500
Capital View Neighborhood Association $2500
Perkerson Civic Association $2500
SEED, Inc. $2500
South River Gardens Community Association $2500
Chosewood Park CDC $2500
FCS Urban Ministries $2500
Our Common Wealth $2500
Lakewood Amphitheatre Community Finance Committee $1500
United Charitible for Destiny Rock of Escape $2500
CRU Atlanta Central Team $2500
Roselena's Community Development Center $2500
Unique Golden Age Club $2500
Soulstrice Inc. $2500



DGAP-Derrick George Arts Project $2500
Capitol View Manor Neighborhood Association $2500
Lakewood Oversight Committee $2500
Our Common Wealth $2500
Community Blueprint Development Foundation, Inc. $2500
Thomasville Golden Age Club $2500
Lakewood Amphitheatre Finance Committee $1500



Caring for Others $2500
SouthRiver Gardens $2500
Chosewood Park Cmty. Dev. Corporation $2500
Our Common Wealth $2500
Hammond Park Neighborhood Association $2500
The Metroplex Theatre $2500
Lakewood Amphitheatre Community Finance Committee $2000
Lakewood Oversight Committee $2500



Caring for Others $2500
Joyland Revitalization Project Inc. $1800
South Atlanta Redevelopment Corporation $2500
Perkinson Elementary PTA $1800
Southside Concerned Citizen Association $1800
Capitol View Community Security Alliance $1800
Hammond Park Neighborhood Association $2344
Thomasville Heights Civic League Inc. $2344
Friends of Lakewood Library $2344
Capital View Manor $2344
Lakewood Amphitheather Community Finance Committee $1500
Dill Avenue Gardners $2500
Chosewood Park Community Development $2373



South Atlanta Redevelopment Corporation $1015
Capitol View Garden Club $1500
South Atlanta Community Study Hall $1500
Lakewood Amphitheather Community Finance Committee $1000
Lakewood Oversight Committee $1718
Thomasville Heights Civic League, Inc. $1000
Community Alert, Inc. $1000
After Five Summer Youth Camp $1000
ECOPAAT Gardens, Inc. $2500



Caring for Others, Inc. $2500
South Atlanta Redevelopment Corporation $1500
Norwood Manor Civic Association Inc. $1500
Dill Avenue Gardners $1500
Southwest Atlanta Neighboring $1500
South Atlanta Community Study Hall $1500
Misssion Impossible $750
After Five Summer Youth Camp $2000
Lakewood Oversight Committee $1720
Capitol View Neighborhood Association $1000



Sylvan Hills Neighborhood Association $1000
South Atlanta Redevelopment Corporation $1000
Capitol View Garden Club $1000
Rosedale Heights Community Association $1000
Lakewood Amphitheater Community Finance Committee $1000
Caring for Others Inc. $1000
South River Gardens Community Association $1800
Community Alert, Inc. $950
Bethlehem Senior Center $2000
South Atlanta Community Study Hall $2000
Sustainable Lakewood $2000
After Five Summer Youth Camp $950
Mission Impossible Community Outreach $950
Sustainable Lakewood and The Lakewood Heights Civic Association $2000
Thomasville Heights Civic League, Inc. $2000
Hammond Park Neighborhood Association $950
Capitol View Manor Neighborhood Association $950
ECOPAAT Gardens, Inc. $2500
Trinity Towers Residents Association $1600



Sylvan Hills Neighborhood Association $491
Africa's Children's Fund Project Excel $1220
Capitol View Neighborhood Association $1700
Dill Avenue Gardners $1700
Lakewood Amphitheater Community Finance Committee $1000
South Atlanta Redevelopment Corporation $1700
Chosewood Park Neighborhood Association $1500
Sylvan Hills Neighborhood Association $2009
South Atlanta Community Study Hall $2500
Mission Impossible Community Outreach, Inc. $1000
Bethlehem Senior Center $2500
Community Alert, Inc. $2500
Park Pride $2500
Neighborhood Coalition for Youth $2500



Caring Others Inc. $2000
South Atlanta Redevelopment Corporation $2500
Dill Avenue Down to Earth Farmers $1000
Thomasville Golden Age Club $2500
Capital View Neighborhood Association $1000
Camp, Inc. $2000
Lakewood Finance Committee $1000
The Sullivan Center $2300
John Birdine Service Awards Dinner $2000
Joyland-Highpoint- Carver Homes Historical Heritage Project $500



South Atlanta Redevelopment Corporation $900
Community Alert, Inc. $900
Thomasville Golden Age Club $900
Thomasville Heights Civic League, Inc. $500
John Birdine Service Awards Dinner $1000
CAMP, Inc. $1400
Southside Industrial Park Jobs Project $1000





Alternate Roots          $5100.00

The mission of Alternate ROOTS is to support the creation and presentation of original art, in all its forms, which is rooted in a particular community of place, tradition or spirit. As a coalition of cultural workers they strive to be allies in the elimination of all forms of oppression. ROOTS is committed to social and economic justice and the protection of the natural world and addresses these concerns through its programs and services.

United Church of Chapel Hill          $500.00

Organizing Against Racism/Know Your Education Rights Workshop. Workshops and training are designed to help parents and students become advocates for themselves; knowing their rights in the school discipline and suspension process and interactions with the law enforcement in schools and the criminal justice system. Workshops are Conducted by Advocates for Children's Services

Eyes Ears Nose and Paws          $2000.00

Eyes Ears Nose and Paws trains and places assistance dogs. Their programs create a healthier community by increasing independence for individuals with disabling medical conditions, improving opportunities for individual control over medical care, and encouraging therapeutic interventions that improve physical and mental health. Eyes Ears Nose and Paws recognizes that dogs have a huge untapped potential: an astounding ability to read and understand human behavior, incredible noses for detecting scent, an enormous capacity to love unconditionally.

Community Investment Network          $300.00

Community Investment Network (CIN) inspires, connects and strengthens African Americans and communities of color to leverage their collective resources and create the changes that they wish to see. CIN is a national network of giving circles. A giving circle is a a group who pools their personal time, talents and treasure to address social issues in their communities using thoughtful giving strategies.  The activities of a giving circle include grant making, advocacy and public education as complementary ways to diversify philanthropy by making it accessible and more democratic to everyday people. 

Positive Growth Inc.          $8500.00

Positive Growth Inc., is dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth, adults and families during difficult life transitions by providing comprehensive residential and community-based treatment services.Their aim is to empower and support the people they serve to live self-determined, productive and valued lives within their community. To accomplish these aims, PGCC has identified, developed and offers programs on prevention, education, intervention, treatment, rehabilitation, residential and other support services in a personalized, flexible manner appropriate to the needs of each individual and family they serve.

Helping Organize People Effectively (HOPE) - Lexington, NC          $2,500

Founded in July 2010, HOPE is a broad-based community power organization dedicated to  making social change on issues that affect the lives of those who live, work, and worship in Lexington and Davidson County North Carolina. We are happy to support their mission as they continue to strengthen the work of an emerging multi-racial, interfaith network of organizations working on social justice issues.  

LAY UP - Dazell, SC          $3,600

Founded in April 2010, LAY UP's mission is to provide educational tutoring, mentorship, and professional counseling to the under-served youth in their community.  We are happy to support LAY UP as they implement a mentoring program for youth, in the local community, who are falling short when it comes to standard literacy programs, may be suspended from school and or attending school sporadically. It is LAY UP's goal to prevent them from dropping out of school and providing them with the skills to be productive individuals in their communities.

The Marian Cheek Jackson Center  - Chapel Hill, NC          $5,000

Founded in 2009, Marian Cheek Jackson Center for Saving and Making History's mission is to advance the vitality, diversity and historical integrity of neighborhoods in transition as an essentially collaborative initiative. The Center aims to preserve, engage and act on rich histories of change.  We are proud to support the implementation of their community "Compass Group" priority strategies.  

Orange County Voice - Hillsborough, NC          $3,750

Founded in July 2009, Orange County Voice is a grassroots organization serving rural communities in and around Orange County, North Carolina.  Their mission is to educate and build awareness about rural communities and to engage rural voices in public policy and decision-making. We are proud to support them as they create a rural community network- a cohesive network of neighborhoods, civic and faith organizations throughout rural Orange County and with neighboring towns and counties. The primary goal of the project is to increase active engagement in community issues by building relationships across individual groups and reinforce them with a shared communications infrastructure. 

The Re-Entry Connection - Lithonia, GA          $2,500

Founded in April 2010, Re-Entry's mission is to reduce incarceration and recidivism among formerly incarcerated females. We are happy to assist with the funding of the United Steps Towards Freedom Summit in January 2014. At the end of the summit, Re-Entry expects to have developed solutions to women's issues, mental health/substance abuse, employment, juvenile justice, housing, education (life skills/school), mass incarceration, legal issues, and family reunification.  

South Carolina Equality - Columbia, SC          $5,000

Founded in 2002, SC Equality's mission is to secure civil and human rights for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in South Carolina. They focus on LBGT issues and policies by providing awareness and education to the local South Carolina community.  SC Equality works to educate the general public about the everyday lives of LGBT people and the needs of LBGT youth in schools as well as work to education LBGT individuals and families about their rights under the law. We are pleased to award them general funding to assist with a series of projects and efforts currently underway.  

SoPo Bicycle Cooperative - Atlanta, GA          $1,875

Founded in 2004, SoPo's mission is to create equitable access to cycling by providing bicycle  maintenance, services and education in a safe, community-owned space that is accessible to all residents of Atlanta.  SoPo facilitates the collective ownership and operation of a community bicycle repair shop. We are pleased to award them funding in support of the SoPo-Gateway Bike Maintenance Workshop Program. The purpose of the program is to provide designated bi-weekly time slots for a group of residents from Gateway (a homeless shelter) to utilize the bike ship for the purposeof bicycle maintenance and instruction. Along with the specific hours allotted to Gateway residents, participants in the program will be encouraged to volunteer during open shop hours and will be eligible to earn a certificate of achievement if they complete a certain number of volunteer hours by the end of the 9 week program. By combining instruction, practice and hands-on implementation of skills acquired, the SoPo-Gateway program will have the potential to develop a cohort of skilled volunteers who can pass on what they have learned to new residents of the Gateway Center and other volunteers/clients at SoPo. 

The Youth Organizing Institute - Durham, NC          $5,000

Founded in April 2010, The Youth Organizing Institute seeks to stop racism and school re-segregation, challenge the school to prison pipeline, make schools safe for LBGTQ youth, and  bring a new generation of youth into social justice work. We are happy to award them with general funding to empower youth to organize in their name as well as supporting their organizing work throughout the year. Through trainings and supporting youth organizing they expect to create positive change in their communities for generations to come. 

Grants Assisted and Donor Advised Grants 

Lakewood Amplitheater:
Capital View Community Security Alliance $1,800
Capital View Manor $2,344
Caring for Others, Inc. $2,500
Chasewood Park Community Development $2,373
Dill Avenue Gardeners $2,500
ECOPAAT $2,500
Friends of Lakewood Library $2,344
Hammond Park Neighborhood Association $2,344
Joyland Revitalization Project, Inc.   $1,800
Perkinson Elementary PTA $1,800
South Atlanta Redevelopment Corporation $2,500
Southside Concerned Citizens Association $1,800
Thomasville Heights Civic League, Inc. $2,344
Helen's Fund: 
Catalyst Project $1,000
Center for Documentary Studies $2,000
Dispute Settlement Center   $2,000
Metropolitan Opera Fund   $1,000
St. Joseph Historic Foundation $3,000



The Next Grant Cycle Deadline is SEPTEMBER 1, 2022.

For more details, please click here


FSC can only award grants to organizations that are registered as a non–profit organization within their respective state (Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina). Organizations must also have 501(c)(3) tax status, or a Fiscal Agent; a limited number of 501(c)(4) organizations with a Fiscal Agent may be accepted.

 Some things to consider before applying:

  • Is your organization working for long term social change?
  • Is your total organizational budget $150,000 or less?
  • Is your organization located and doing work in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina?
  • We do not fund direct services, social services or special events.

If you fit these basic guidelines, your organization may be a good fit for the Fund for Southern Communities.

For specific guidelines and details on how to apply  Download our Application Here!


The Fund for Southern Communities : 

  • Gives grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.
  • Provides seed grants to new projects, or general or project support to small organizations (with a total organizational budget of $150,000 or less).
  • Limits funding to once per 12 month period and for no more than three (3) times total, per organization. When special targeted funds are available, groups may be eligible for more than three (3) cycles of grants. FSC should not be considered a long-term funding source.


Funding Guidelines

The Fund for Southern Communities (FSC or the Fund) is a publicly supported foundation established in 1981 to provide grants to progressive grassroots social change organizations that :

  •  Work against discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion, economic status, sexual orientation, ethnic background or physical and mental disabilities;
  •  Stand for workers’ rights;
  •  Promote self-determination in low-income and disenfranchised areas;
  • Protect the environment;
  • Promote and create non-traditional arts and media;
  • Promote peace;
  • Are located in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina;
  • Are working for equitable distribution of economic and/or political power;
  • Involving new people in social, economic or political change;
  • Challenge anti or undemocratic systems with public education and organizing efforts;
  • Are unlikely to be funded by more traditional funding sources, including those whose geographic location limits funding opportunities. Applicants receiving funds from more traditional funding sources may be given a lower priority for funding from FSC;
  • FSC does not fund direct social services.


Application Instructions

Deadline dates are announced annually. Proposals and all attachments must be received no later than 5:00 p.m., on the deadline date to be considered for funding. Proposals should be mailed to:

The Fund for Southern Communities

 4153 - C Flat Shoals Parkway

 Suite 314

 Decatur, GA 30034.

*Please note: Any proposals that are incomplete and/or submitted after the deadline will not be considered for funding.

If you have any questions regarding eligibility, preparation of the application, or the funding process, please call 404-371-8404 or write the Fund at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To download a copy of our Progress Report form, click here. 


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