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2015 Fall Grantee Partners


The People's Alliance Fund                                                                                      $5000.00

The People’s Alliance Fund was formed to support progressive work in Durham and other NC communities to achieve racial, social, and economic justice through community engagement. The People’s Alliance Fund, as a whole, envisions the community, from local to global, as one which follows these principles: community guarantee of basic needs; celebration of diversity; and local decision-making. The People’s Alliance Fund requested $5,000 for the Durham Living Wage Project, a project created in 2015 to combat growing inequality in our community by lifting up a business culture that publicly recognizes living wages and activating them on this issue as conscious consumers, and most importantly by raising the wages of Durham’s lowest-paid workers.

Women Advance                                                                                                        $4500.00

Women AdvaNCe amplifies nonpartisan dialogue on policy initiatives that affect North Carolina woman and families. The target demographic is North Carolina women who represent the Rising American Electorate who want to make a fruitful life for themselves and their loved ones, but need support and resources to overcome roadblocks. Women AdvaNCe requested $5,000 to promote the civic projects of AdvaNCe Teams in 17 counties across the state; the grant will support the Issues & Advocacy director who leads and mentors women as they engage in civic projects that reflect their counties’ goals and interests.

WomenNC                                                                                                                  $4750.00

WomenNC’s mission is to lead North Carolina’s young adults in the elimination of injustice against women and girls. Their vision is to raise a generation that honors women’s human rights. WomenNC requested $5,000 to allow the organization to improve operations, develop a new board and advance its social justice programs.

GALEO Latino Community Development Fund                                                    $3750.00

GALEO’s mission is to promote leadership development and civic engagement of the Latino community in Georgia. GALEO requested $5,000 for general operating support, which would support their efforts within the GALEO Institute for Leadership and leadership development efforts state, with an emphasis in rural areas within the state.

Georgia Clients Council Inc.                                                                                      $4500.00

GCC empower grassroots leaders and stakeholders to address disparities and inequities in their communities. GCC utilizes for following tools and techniques: advocacy, education, legal referrals, networking, training and creation of economic opportunities to help the average citizen to access a better quality of life. GCC requested $5,000 to support building its membership capacity by organizing around gentrification, changing the Georgia Constitution and laying the foundation for college debt/loans campaign.

Georgia Micro Enterprise Network, Inc.                                                                  $4250.00

GMEN is committed to developing resources and supporting a comprehensive network to empower successful micro entrepreneurs through advocacy, education and effective member services. GMEN requested $5,000 in organizational support to provide capacity building services to MDO’s. Through these services GMEN will help MDO’s to improve their capacity, reduce overhead costs, increase brand awareness and branding activities by individual MDO’s and connect MDO’s together as an effective network of professional organizations that can share and leverage resources.

Girls Rock Charleston                                                                                                   $4000.00

Founded in November 2011, the mission of Girls Rock Charleston is to empower girls and transgendered youth through music education, DIY media and creative collaboration. Girls Rock Charleston requested $5,000 to support the implementation of year-round programming that will provide focused leadership development for system-involved youth.

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