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FALL 2014 Grantee Partners

Youth Organizing Institute - $5000.00

Founded in April 2010, The Youth Organizing Institute seeks to stop racism and school re-segregation, challenge the school to prison pipeline, make schools safe for LBGTQ youth, and bring a new generation of youth into social justice work. They requested $5000 for general support to empower youth to organize in their name as well as supporting their organizing work throughout the year. Through trainings and supporting youth organizing they expect to create positive change in their communities for generations to come. 

LAY UP - $5000.00

Founded in April 2010 and incorporated in Sept 2011. LAY UP's mission is to provide educational tutoring, mentorship, and professional counseling to the under-served youth in their community. LAY UP requested $5000 to implement a mentoring program for youth in the local community who are falling short when it comes to standard literacy programs, may be suspended from school and or attending school sporadically. It is LAY UP's goal to prevent them from dropping out of school and providing them with the skills to be productive individuals in their communities.


Founded in 2002, WNCWC’s vision is that all workers in Western NC are empowered and educated around labor rights and working in places where those rights are respected. The mission is to develop leadership among workers through education and organizing to resolve issues of labor rights and promote fair working conditions in Western NC. WNCWC requested $5000 in support of their wage theft campaign. The objectives of the project are to education disenfranchised workers to stand up against wage theft, develop leadership among workings and to address the root causes of wage theft.

HIDDEN VOICES - $3750.00

Founded August 2003, Hidden Voices’ mission is to challenge, strengthen and connect diverse communities through the transformative power of the individual voice. Hidden Voices requested $5000 for the Central Lives project, which addresses systemic issues of race, class and incarceration from the perspective of men living under the death sentence by reforming policy within and without the prison setting.

WOMEN NC - $3750.00

Founded in 2009, the mission of WomenNC is to lead North Carolina’s youth in the elimination of injustices against women and girls both at home and around the world. WomenNC requested $5000 to support the hiring of their first Executive Director.


Founded November 2011, the mission of Girls Rock Charleston is to empower girls and transgendered youth through music education, media and creative collaboration. Girls Rock Charleston requested $5000 for general support. The funds will be used for multiple programs such as the after school program, summer camp and development of more social issue workshops and partnerships.


Founded in July 2012, Turning Leaf Project’s goal is to interrupt the inter-generational cycle of incarceration, disrupted families and poverty, perpetuated by the criminal justice system in its status quo. Turning leaf requested $5000 to expand the reach of Turning Leaf Project’s alternative incarceration program with the Charleston County Detention Center and support coalition building activities.


Founded in 2011, Granite City Life Skills, Inc.’s vision is to enhance and strengthen the quality of life for everyone. Their mission is to promote scientific, athletic, cultural, educational, religious and social development for resident of Elbert County Georgia. Granite City Life Skills is requesting $3800 to support their youth program (M.A.D. Club of Elbert Count” by extending the program into the summer. The funds will assist in working with disadvantaged children through a supervised program.

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