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The Fund For Southern Communities
FSC gratefully accepts donations from individuals and foundations. We accept gifts of stock, planned gifts, estate bequests and other forms of non-cash assets. Donations are used to fund FSC's general grant making. The types of programs and org
anizations funded by FSC include grants for community and constituency organizing; environmental justice; gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered issues; health care; anti-racism; women; disability rights; workers; and youth.
To become an active partner in social change, FSC offers the following gift-giving options:
  1. Anyone giving a gift of $60 or more a year becomes a supporting member and receives the FSC newsletter and grant reports.
  2. Anyone giving at least $120 a year— either by a single gift or in monthly payments— becomes a full voting member, receiving the FSC newsletter, grant reports, invitations to special events, and may vote on members of the Board of Directors.

You can contribute to FSC with a check, credit card or with a pledge, by filling out the donation form and sending it to our office.  If you have any questions, please call 404-371-8404

In addition to "general support" FSC raises funding for the following targeted grantmaking programs: 

Organizational Development Fund: This fund offers grantees funding for organizational training, leadership development, long-range planning, or networking opportunities.

The Southern Outlook Fund: This fund
supports organizations working for lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender rights, and against homophobia and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The Grassroots Fund: This fund ensures a strong, continuing base of financial support to seed innovative organizing work in the in the nine county region of the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Triangle in North Carolina.

The Modjeska Simkins Memorial Fund: This fund, created to honor life-long South Carolina civil rights activist Modjeska Simkins, makes grants to organizations in South Carolina working on issues related to youth, racial justice and civil rights.

Racial Justice Fund: Providing support to communities and organizations dealing with issues of racial discrimination.

Emergency Fund: This fund makes available small grants for situations consistent with FSC grantmaking priorities that are extremely timely, could not have been planned for by the recipient, and cannot fit into the regular grant cycle.

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