Just as there is strength in numbers in communities, FSC participates in several partnerships in order to strengthen our work. The most important of these associations include:

When Georgia Cares Georgia Shares!

Nearly a decade ago FSC helped found a new workplace giving federation in Georgia: “Georgia Shares.” That investment of time and energy is now paying dividends as Georgia Shares is becoming a significant source of funds for FSC, and more than 30 other members. If you work in Georgia and your employer has not expanded its giving program beyond United Way, urge them to “Open Up” the campaign, and allow employees to donate to FSC, or any of the other members, through Georgia Shares.


Cooperating Foundations
While FSC receives most of its support from very generous individual contributors, some national and regional foundations work with us to sponsor specific initiatives or projects. We thank the following foundations for their recent support.
  • Funding Exchange /New York, NY
  • Tides Foundation /San Francisco, CA
  • Proteus Fund /Amhurst, MA