The deadline to submit grants is October 15th.

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The Fund for Southern Communities is a publicly supported foundation established in 1981 to provide grants and technical assistance to progressive grassroots social change organizations working in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The Fund invites applications from organizations:

  • fighting discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion, economic status, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or physical and mental disabilities;
  • struggling for the rights of workers;
  • promoting self-determination in low-income and disenfranchised communities;
  • protecting the environment;
  • promoting and/or creating non-traditional arts and media;
  • promoting peace.

N.B. : FSC does NOT fund services (i.e. feeding, housing, tutoring).

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 Southern Black Girls Funding Initiative

Fund for Southern Communities has landed a year planning grant from Novo Foundation $90 Million dollars for Girls of Color initiative. In collaboration with three other organizations birth Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium. For more detail click this link




Southern Black Girls and Women