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Working across boundaries+++ Finding our riches+++ No division between those in the light and those standing listening+++


The Next Grant Cycle Deadline will be September 7, 2018

Complete Applications must be in the FSC office by 5:00 pm EST (no exceptions)

For more details, please click here


Special Initiative Grantee - A Partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation


NPU-V – Economic Justice Initiative


Atlanta Jobs with Justice $20,000
eoplestown Revitalization Corporation $6,000
Housing Justice League, Inc. $10,000
9 to 5 Georgia $10,000


NPU-V – Community Investment Fund


McDaniel Street Bowl                                                     
National Prostate Awareness Association $2,500
Rae of Light Foundation, Inc. $5,000
Shadows of Light, Inc. $5,000
The Mayland Motivators $2,500
The W-Underdogs Inc. $5,000
Adair Park Today, Inc. $5000
BluePrint58 $3,530
Cambridge Heights Academy $2,500
Housing Justice League $5,000
Image Fathers Advisory Group $5,000
Iron 2 Iron $4,000
Kids R Special, Inc. $5,000


2016 Fall Grantee Partners


CHARLESTON LEGAL                                Immigrants Rights                (South Carolina)

Founded November 2015, Charleston Legal Access is dedicated to expanding access to legal services and rights in South Carolina. Charleston Legal Access serves moderate to low income individual clients, providing legal representation at a reduced rate. CLA proposes to oversee law school volunteers in court observation and Limited English Proficiency to produce the first written report addressing the current state of access to language services in South Carolina courts.   


CITIZEN’S ADVOCACY OF ATLANTA & DEKALB, INC.          Disability Rights         (Georgia)

Founded in 1977, the mission of Citizen’s Advocacy of Atlanta and DeKalb is to provide protection and advocacy to people who have developmental disabilities (who are experiencing situations of abuse, neglect or social isolation) by initiating and supporting one-to-one voluntary citizen advocacy relationships. Specifically, Citizen Advocacy is requesting $1500 to provide regular and systematic support to citizen advocates to offer technical training to citizen advocates and potential citizen advocates and to offer values-based education to the wider community through community education activities. Training Advocates to advocate for citizens with disabilities.


CITIZENS FOR A HEALTHY & SAFE ENVIRONMENT        Environmental/Health        (Georgia)

Founded in 2010, CHASE seeks to maintain a clean and healthy environment for residents and neighboring communities to establish strong alliances and focusing on grassroots organizing while providing education on healthy green solutions. They encourage participation in government advocating for safer environmentally friendly policies.  They are requesting project support to help prevent destructive and hazardous biomass gasification plants brought by corporations seeking to inundate communities of color and poor communities with false promises and distortions regarding healthy energy solutions in addition to stopping the development of projects that pollute the environment.  


COMPANEROS INMIGRANTES DE LAS MONTANAS EN ACCION          Immigrant Rights             (North Carolina)

Founded in 2015, CIMA’s mission is to connect, strengthen and organize communities to take action for immigrants’ rights in Western North Carolina. They are requesting $5000 to provide information, create strategies and take coordinated action on issues of anti-immigrant laws and policies, to implement more support with end deportation campaigns and building a stronger immigrant rights grassroots base in Western North Carolina.    


NC AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE EDUDATION FUND          Education          (North Carolina)

Founded 1994, North Carolinians Against Gun violence Education Fund’s mission is to make North Carolina safe from gun violence through the education of the public about preventing gun violence, the enforcement of current gun laws and the enactment of needed new policy.  NCGV is requesting funding to train and support local leaders in NC to persuade city councils and county commission to adopt safer regulations for firearms.  Local leaders will work at the community level to persuade gun owners to adopt safer home storage safety measures. They will also work with local advocates to persuade business owners to declare their sites gun-free and prod state and federal lawmakers into action for stronger gun violence prevention measures. 


SPEAKING DOWN BARRIERS                               Anti-Racism                (South Carolina)

Founded in July 2015, Speaking Down Barriers’ mission is to transform lives across difference of race, class, sexual orientation, gender, national identity and religion.  Funding will be used to expand their facilitator base in order to continue to provide facilitated dialogue, training and required ongoing counseling to prevent burnout related to race related trauma. 


WOMEN NC                                      Women’s Rights                                       (North Carolina)

Founded in 2009, the mission of WomenNC is to lead North Carolina’s young adults in the elimination of injustices against women and girls.  WomenNC requested $5000 to support two key social justice issues: CSW fellows program and the cities for CEDAW program. This will be the final time that Women NC can be funded under the current FSC eligibility criteria.   




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