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A painful reminder or a proud heritage!!!!


The Fund for Southern Communities joins South Carolina and the nation in celebrating the historical decision to remove the Confederate Battle Flag and its flagpole from the South Carolina capitol grounds. We applaud Governor Nikki Haley and the South Carolina legislators for their courage. 


SC is one of the three states in our funding region and we feel that this is a victory for all. While the flag will no longer fly on the grounds of the SC State Capitol, we understand that it will be placed in the state’s Confederate Relic Room of the Military Museum.


Friends, we acknowledge your efforts and we are grateful for all the time that you have spent over the last two decades working tirelessly to have the Confederate Battle Flag removed for the grounds of the South Carolina State Capitol.  You have joined boycotts, signed petitions, made phone calls, attended meetings, written letters, sent emails; and the list goes on...


Many of you will recall that for years organizations have opted not to host conferences in SC because of the Confederate flag and its painful reminder of the past. We realize that many of its supporters wanted it to remain because of its symbolism of Southern heritage, but we hope they also realize that this “Southern Heritage” held in such high esteem by many is a reminder of slavery, hate, death and inequality among the African-American citizens who live, work and serve in the state of SC.


SC was amongst the first of the thirteen colonies that declared independence from the British Crown in the American Revolution. It was the first state to ratify the Articles of Confederation and the first state to vote to secede from the Union.  “We hope that SC can be the first of the remaining states to put in true perspective the negative impact this flag has on the collective success of its people.”


It is our hope that SC and the nation can now focus on the healing and positive influence the decision to remove the confederate flag should make on racial equality and on the realization that hate is not the answer. We realize that the removal of the confederate flag could encourage more hate among its supporters; and it is imperative that we as social justice activists and as individuals continue to “Take ACTION – Advocate, Communicate, Train, Influence, Organize and Network” regarding the importance of racial and economic equality and peace.


It is indeed a new day in SC, a day which we can be proud but we still have so much more work to do!!!  We must continue to be politically engaged and push forward through voter education, registration and mobilization efforts in local communities. 

In memory of the nine victims tragically killed at Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church, the Fund for Southern Communities commits to encouraging harmony and healing between all of our brothers and sisters. We will continue to be steadfast proponents for fair and equal treatment for everyone.


Alice Jenkins

Executive Director






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