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*FSC is still seeking individuals to serve on our Board of Directors. As a grantee or donor partner of FSC, you are eligible to both nominate and vote for individuals! Currently, there are 3 seats for the grantee and donor partners to elect. Just complete the nomination form and return it to the FSC office via fax, electronically, or via US Mail.



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Check Out Our Recent Grantees 

Keep Up the Good Work!


All Grown Up, Inc. - Stockbridge, GA $1,500

Circle of Joy, a Giving Circle of the Fund, is proud to award All Grown Up, Inc. with a grant to support their annual 2012 programs. These programs strives to increase the success rate of students by lowering the amount of discipline referrals, dress code violations, suicide and teen pregnancies and much more.


Alternate ROOTS - Atlanta, GA $6,500

Through our Donor Advised Program, FCS is pleased to award $6,500 to Alternate ROOTS for general support of their commitment to social and economic justice and the protection of the natural world; as they address these concerns through its programs and services.


IDEAS - Decatur, GA $30,000

Through our Donor Advised Program, FSC is pleased to award IDEAS with $30,000 in support of their ongoing mission, to help resource-poor people around the world get the tools and skills they need to build secure and sustainable futures for themselves, their families and their communities.


ECOOPAT Gardens, Inc. - Atlanta, GA $2,500

The Helen's Fund is happy to award this grant to Clear Blue Sky Clubhouse to support the ongoing programs that are offered for mentally ill members.


FCS Community Development – Atlanta, GA $3,500

Circle of Joy also awards FCS Community Development with a grant. This grant is to support the Pride for Parents and Bicycle Shop; which will help students develop work ethics, work habits, and specific skill sets.


Circle of Joy Giving Circle 

Celebrated Their 2nd Annual Grants Ceremony

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Congratulations to the Circle of Joy (COJ) for hosting their second annual grant awards ceremony last Saturday, Feb 4th! COJ exists to pool members’ time, talents and treasures to partner with organizations that are positively impacting youth in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Find out about this year’s grants recipients, All Grown Up, Inc. and FCS Community Economic Development, below.


All Grown Up, Inc. (AGU), mentors middle and high school girls to help them build self-esteem, confidence, set goals for college, and learn financial literacy. Tangi Gantt and Shari Ponder are the founders of the organization. Jan Johnson, the Program Director attended the event  and shared some very interesting information about AGU.


FCS Community Economic Development serves as the umbrella organization for Pride for Parents and the South Atlanta Bike Shop. Both Pride for Parents and the South Atlanta Bike Shop serve the youth of South Atlanta by teaching job skills, work ethics, and being a mentor to the students who participate in their many programs.  Jeff Delp, Executive Director of FCS, was on hand to receive the grant for the organization. Andre Ciho, the Founder of the South Atlanta Bike Shop, also attended and shared information and success stories about the operation of the bike shop.

Members of the COJ are pleased to be able to have made these awards, share their ideas of philanthropy, encourage the audience to find ways to get involved with their communities through philanthropy and, most of all, to have held such a successful event.


Way to Go Circle of Joy!


When Georgia Cares - Georgia Shares! 

A Workplace Giving Program

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Workplace giving is easy and rewarding for everyone involved. A simple annual payroll deduction agreement allows employees to effortlessly support organizations working on issues of concern to them.


If Georgia Shares is offered as a choice in your workplace campaign, please contact our office to learn how to designate FSC, or another Georgia Shares agency, for your gift.


For more information on including Georgia Shares as one of your employees’ charitable giving options, please contact Denise Blake, Georgia Shares Executive Director at 404.844.6358 or email:


Also, many employers offer matching gift programs where the company will match gifts their employees make to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations like FSC. If your company participates in a matching gifts program, please contact us and we would be happy to provide needed documentation of your gift.



A Unique Way to Give 

Apply for Our Customized Capital One Card

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What better way to donate to your favorite charity than SHOPPING? Through our partnership with Capital One, you can help support social justice without a direct gift to FSC! No more hassles of writing checks and stops at the post office. Use our custom Capital One card for your shopping and FSC will automatically receive a donation with each purchase. Your donations will help ensure that FSC is able to continue funding vital social justice work in the South.


Benefits for FSC include:

$50 after your first purchase
2% of gas and grocery purchases
Up to 10% of purchases from select merchants
1% on all other purchases

To learn more, please visit our Card Lab Connect Home Page.



Campaign for Fair Settlement 

Help the Funding Exchange National Network Make a Difference


The Funding Exchange is thrilled to launch its first-ever donor political call, and is offering donors throughout the entire network to participate. Because of Wall Street’s toxic lending practices and recklessness, a historic economic housing crisis has occurred. Many homeowners, taxpayers, and millions of Americans continue to pay the price for the financial crisis caused by big banks. Do you too demand that big banks and Wall Street be held accountable and pay their fair share to move the country towards economic recovery? If so, this call is for you! To learn more about how you can be apart of this dialogue, click here.



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